All Veterans Memorial Park, Eglin AFB

Memorial Ceremony in honor of the Warriors Who Died in the Defense of Freedom in Saudi Arabia on 25 June 1996.

The memorial bricks representing the twelve airmen from the 33rd Fighter Wing, who lost their lives at the Khobar Towers, were dedicated on 30 September 1996 at the All Veterans Memorial Park 


Colonel Gary Dylewski addressing the families during the dedication of the memorial bricks

Entrance to the All Veterans Memorial Park 


      MSgt Kendall K. Kitson, Jr. TSgt Daniel B. Cafourek TSgt Patrick P. Fennig
      TSgt Thanh Van Nguyen Sgt Millard D. Campbell SrA Earl F. Cartrette, Jr.
      SrA Jeremy A. Taylor A1C Brent E. Marthaler A1C Brian W. McVeigh
      A1C Peter J. Morgera A1C Joseph E. Rimkus A1C Joshua E. Woody

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